We are building a forward integrated production facility on the African continent called Fabrica Sacred Heart.

Our mission is to create jobs by producing high quality garments for our family of brands, also producing for domestic and international clients.

We are daring adventurers who believe in the future of the African continent and the role that light manufacturing and garment production will play in its economic and social development.

No modern and advanced economy has developed without going through the industrial process.

The industrial age is unfolding.

The revolution has started!

By wearing our garments and producing with us you are supporting a sustainable ecosystem that will change the face of the African continent and its 1 billion inhabitants.

#Trade not aid

What is going on in the world that make what we are doing important


Many African governments are actively encouraging companies in the effort to produce in their countries, with financial incentives and support. In some cases with ready made production facilities.

Trade agreements such as the AGOA act allow African countries to export garments into Western Markets with no tariffs. This cost saving translates to higher margins, a portion of which we will put back into our factory ensuring the highest standards of stewardship toward our employees and environment.


The economic growth model is China is dead. The end of mass migration to the cities and cheap labour has effected China’s competitiveness.

The World bank states that China is set to loose 85 Million manufacturing jobs in the next 10 years. This has created a massive opportunity for African countries to enter the market.

In countries such as Ethiopia the production element of the final cost is 5%, in china this is much higher at around 22%.

Factories operating in countries such as Ethiopia enjoy a large and highly skilled workforce with some of the cheapest electricity on the planet.


Ethical standards are an increasingly important factor in the way we do business. Consumers care where their garments are produced and under what circumstances. This phenomena has becoming increasingly pertinent amongst luxury consumers and companies.

Producing with factories such as Fabrica Sacred Heart can contribute to increased CSR impact and provide a source of competitive advantage as well as cost savings.

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Help us achieve our mission! We are at the end of the beginning of a long journey in creating value and jobs.

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